Indo-ASEAN Summit

Indo-ASEAN Summit

A cultural evening which was instrumental in cementing the relationships between the leaders of India and the ASEAN countries on an individual level was organised by Team CSDirekt!

The evening was a paradigm shift of how such events have been handled for the PMO. A mega production was created to culturally showcase the ancient ties between India and the ASEAN countries though the largest epic of India, the ‘Ramayana’.

More than 200 classical dancers performed with magnificent grace on a set built to resemble the Palace of Lord Rama! Soulful compositions of Ramcharitra manas against elaborate set designs created an immersive experience for 11 Heads of States, Cabinet Members, Union Minsters of India, and The Hon. PM Shri Narendra Modi.

Tweets by Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi:

Presence of the 11 ASEAN leaders and 20 have touched the hearts of every Indian.’

‘It is the honour of 125 crore Indians to host these eminent ASEAN leaders.’

‘India-ASEAN partnership may be just 25 years old, but India’s ties with South-east Asia stretch back more than two millennia.’